Blog Tour! Dressing Minnie Style with One Thimble!!!


Are you ready for another blog tour? What an amazingly crazy creative week! Don’t you just love those kinds of weeks? I do! Today we are on tour for the release of issue 6 of One Thimble! What?! You don’t know what One Thimble is? Let me educate you as anyone in the sewing world has to know about One Thimble!
One Thimble is a great e-mag filled with so much eye candy for the seamstress connoisseur! It is put together to teach and refresh the skills of the beginner and the advanced seamstress all at the same time. Need photography help to show off your creations? They’ve got you covered! Need a refresher on interfacing? They’ve got you covered! Need advice on your sewing business? They’ve got you covered! Need 10 awesome patterns? Silly question I know, but you guessed it, they’ve got you covered!! There is something for everyone in here!!
Shout out to one of the sewing tips! Included is a tutorial called Pattern Matching by Brooke Sleep from Bug & Miss. This tutorial shows you how to get that amazing pattern layout every time. If you are anything like me, most of the time I cut and then realize I should have cut a different way to make things match up or feature a different part of the fabric. Then I cut again to fix that mistake. Or just say forget it and just leave it the way it is. After all only pros can get everything to match up perfectly, right? Wrong!! This tutorial shows you how to get it right the first time and achieve that perfect layout! On a side note, obviously I didn’t read the tutorial prior to making my items. I definitely should have!
I had the pleasure of sewing up two patterns from this issue. It was extremely hard to pick which ones to sew up as I want to sew them all! I finally settled on the Hannah Dress by Bobkin and the Gatsby Flat Cap by Apple + Fig. I have never sewn a pattern by these designers so I was excited to try them out.
First up is the Hannah Dress. RTC_2694This dress is so cute with its button front and collar. It was designed for everyday wear and certainly can transition throughout the seasons with layering. It comes in sizes 1-8 so you can create this for your little lady as she continues to grow. My favorite part of the dress is the lined bodice! No exposed seams to itch my little miss around her midsection. It gives that amazing professional finish too! RTC_2726The tutorial was clear and easy to follow as all patterns featured in One Thimble are. This is an intermediate pattern and took about 3 hours to complete. Oh, and it also has pockets- now who doesn’t love pockets?
To complete baby girl’s Minnie inspired outfit I created the Gatsby cap. RTC_2796I have been looking for a pattern that gave that Newsboys look for awhile but didn’t find any that caught my attention. Until now that is! I was quite surprised at how easy this was too! This ranges in size from XXS-XXL (babies to adults) so you can use this one for the whole family! The younger sizes give the option for an elastic brim in back to help fit on those growing heads. RTC_2770There is also a sweatband on the inside for added comfort. Now this pattern was designed for outerwear fabrics, but I decided to give it a go in quilting cotton. Baby girl needed a cap to match her dress after all! It worked out beautifully! RTC_2744Seriously, I can’t handle the cuteness I helped create! I would say this is an intermediate pattern as well due to easing and sewing curves. They can be a little difficult sometimes to get those perfect without puckering (something I’m still working on!).
There are so many things to learn and sew with the One Thimble e-mag. I love reading every issue that is released quarterly. Every time I sew an item I continue to grow in my sewing skills. One Thimble has certainly helped me along the way! You can purchase your own copy for $25. This is quite a steal for all the goodies inside. I continue to look forward to every issue as I know they won’t disappoint!

Blog Tour! Two Extraordinary Girls for Two Extraordinary Girls with Filles a Maman!

How many of you have patterns that you want to sew but just haven’t gotten around to? Or perhaps you need a deadline or some other motivation to actually get you sewing? Yes, I am one of those too!! I will procrastinate till the bitter end if you let me! So, what better motivation to sew a pattern I have been wanting to sew than to participate in a blog tour? Today we are on tour with the Filles a Maman Extraordinary Girl. Honestly, I don’t know why I waited so long to make this! Keep reading and you will find out why!
RTC_2437Let’s start with a bit about the pattern first. This comes in both girls (12mo-14) and women’s (XS-XXL) sizes. I love the neckline as it veers from the traditional neckline and offers a more modern one. Also perfect for bigger heads to get through! The pattern also offers 2 sleeve lengths of 3/4 and long. Want to know the best part about the pattern? The option for color blocking. The way this is designed lets you have a little fun, or not. It’s up to you!
RTC_2402Now on to the part I have been waiting for!!! Let me tell you about the ones I made!! But first I have to give a big thank you to Trixie over at Trixie’s Fabrics and Kiddie Duds Boutique for helping me find some of the Yellow Brick Road fabric for this project. She went above and beyond the call of duty and I thank her sooo much! My mom loves Wizard of Oz so I was able to surprise her with this shirt thanks to Trixie! Oh, and one more thing, this is my mom Barbara. She’s pretty awesome and the best mom ever! I know I’m a little biased, but it was time you all met her properly!
RTC_2544Ok, now back to the shirts. For mom I made a size large. RTC_2409I went with the traditional color blocking for this shirt. As you can see the fit is great and really shows her great curves. I think she loves it. What do you think? Now for baby girl I wanted to do a little something different. I wanted to make this a dress with a circle skirt. First, I shortened the shirt. I eyeballed it with the skirt pattern piece I had to make the right length. Unfortunately I cut off a bit too much in front. See that yellow band in front? Yup, I had to even it out. Turned out to be a happy accident, though, as I love more color blocking! For the skirt pattern I used Dandelions n’ Dungarees Saucy Skirt. The size 18mo fit perfectly on the 12-18mo top! I just love this as a dress!! The fit is spot on too!
RTC_2507Honestly, I really don’t know why I waited so long to make this pattern. And I really need to make a bunch more too as they are super easy and super fun to make. Now, if you want your own copies you can head on over to the website and grab a copy. The girl’s or women’s pattern separately are on sale for $7 each or just get the bundle of the girls and the women’s for $13. Trust me, you need both!!! Don’t forget to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win one of two great bundles of prizes!
Check out all the other stops on the tour for more inspiration!!!


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Classic Elegance with Sewing Mama Raeanna and the Bumblebee Dress!


Classic. Elegant. When you read that, what do you think of? Well after you see today’s pattern you will always associate those two words with it! I know I do! This dress we are looking at today is one I have been eyeing for a very long time but didn’t make until now. Guess I have been too busy testing patterns that I neglected all the great patterns in my stash. I am sure from the photos you have already seen that you know the designer! Yes, we are looking at the Bumblebee Dress by Sewing Mama Raeanna today!




The Bumblebee dress is such a sweet dress and I now wish I had made it sooner. This comes in sizes 3m-12 so it will be perfect for any girl little or big. It features two looks in one pattern.RTC_0754 You can make a dress with a ruffle bodice and 3/4 sleeves with ruffles or make a sleeveless dress with a ruffle neckline! Mix and match these options, along with a ruffle hemline for different looks each time. The bodice is perfect for embroidery and the back closes with a button.  Make a version for the cooler months or the warmer months. Either way this pattern has you covered and it’s perfect for a beginner too!


Before I tell you a little about the dress I made, let me tell you about how I came about the choices I made for the dress. I fell in love with this paper doll fabric from Trixie’s Fabrics. There is a boy version and a girl version. I couldn’t choose which I loved more! So I combined both into this dress. I love the cohesive contrast that it gives. Let me just say that I love the gems I find from Trixie’s Fabrics. Whether its knits or wovens, she is sure to have something I love. Add the fact that she has great customer service; well I’m a customer for life! I think my wallet may have just cringed with that confession!


Now on to my dress. With my vintage looking paper doll fabric I knew I needed a little something more than just woven ruffles. Lace. If you know me, you know I love lace. RTC_0759The lace on the bodice ruffles and sleeves just gave it that look I was going for. Classic. Elegant. I am completely in love with this dress. As you can see, this one is a bit big on my girl. I went back and forth on the size to make. Her chest put her in the 6m size but she wears 12mo in RTW. Thinking I know best and not the measurements I made a straight 12mo size. Yup, it’s big. Note to self…always go by the measurements!! Some days I think I know it all, even when I know better than that. Well, on the plus side, we can enjoy this beauty for that much longer!


Ready to sew up some for all the girls in your life? Head on over to the pattern shop to pick up your copy of the Bumblebee Dress. Then head on over to Trixie’s Fabrics and get some awesome fabric to make it with! Don’t forget to post what you made on both Raeanna’s and Trixie’s group as I would love to see! And they would too I’m sure!