Girly or Sporty Girl? Both with Sofilantjes and the Gemini Skirt!


RTC_4772As you know I am a big fan of indie designers. Now if you don’t know what an indie designer is, don’t worry, it took me a bit to figure it out too! Indie stands for independent. So indie designers are independent designers. For the longest time I thought it had to do something with India! LOL, yes I do have my moments! One of my favorite indie designers is Sofilantjes! She is taking the PDF world by storm and already has made her mark by influencing other designers. She is a trendsetter in the PDF world for sure!



RTC_4704Today we are looking at the Gemini Skirt bundle that was just released! I was lucky enough to test this one. Let me tell you that this is now one of my favorite skirt patterns. There are two skirts in this bundle. One for the sporty type and one for the girly type! The sporty one features a kangaroo pocket and is more fitted. The girly one is a double circle skirt for twirling fun! Both come in sizes NB-12y. This is a very easy pattern and perfect for a beginner. The instructions are very clear with illustrations and you can even print just the size you need with the layer option!! Oh, did I mention how fast this is to sew? Super fast!!


Perfect for running and jumping!!


RTC_4720During the testing phase I made three skirts. Two circle skirts and one sporty skirt. The circle skirt I made out of knit and woven! This pattern is designed for knits but I took a chance and tried it out in woven. It worked! I didn’t even need to size up either. This wasn’t tested in woven for each size so I don’t know how it would work on the bigger sizes, but it worked in the size 9-12mo which is the size I tested!




RTC_4725Now I knew I wanted to make more of these skirts so as soon as I got my new knits washed I made two more!! I made these ones bigger than what my girl wears as I want them to last awhile. She has so many clothes that fit now I am making more in bigger sizes so they are ready when she grows, which is happening every day! The Tinkerbelle skirt is a size 18-24mo and the pink skirt is a size 12-18mo. Now the pattern doesn’t come with size 12-18mo (it has 9-12mo and 18-24mo). So an easy way to create the 12-18mo is to just draw a line in-between the other two sizes! Easy peasy!


Are you in love with this skirt as much as I am? You want a copy for yourself? I know silly question as I know you do! You are in luck my friend as this is on sale through February 10th for $6.25. You really can’t go wrong with the Gemini Skirt by Sofilantjes and it will surely please your girly or sporty girl for years to come!!




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