Can I have some Little Plumcakes please?

Show of hands: who is ready for spring??? Two hands up here!!!! I am so done with winter. Those that are already enjoying warm breezes and the kisses of the sun, well LUCKY!!! As I am impatiently waiting for spring to arrive though, I at least get to have some fun planning summer wardrobes. I love seeing the changing of seasons, but love even more seeing the new pattern releases to reflect the changing seasons! I am lucky enough to be on My Little Plumcake’s testing team and thus got to have the pleasure of testing and adding two wonderful patterns that will be a staple in baby girl’s spring/summer wardrobe this year.


RTC_3345_1I was first introduced to My Little Plumcake back in December when I was chosen to test the then unnamed blazer pattern. It was so much fun to test and has many options for boys and girls. I made it up for my big boy and he loved it! She was running a cover/naming contest at that time and I was so excited to win! So yes, that’s my boy on the cover of Canaan’s Incredible Blazer! He was very excited to have the pattern named after him too!


But back to talking spring! Michelle released 4 patterns for her spring line. I only was able to test two as two of the patterns only came in bigger sizes. Bummer for me, but something to look forward to next spring! First we have the Maddalie Spring Dress. It comes in sizes 6mo-10. It is so RTC_6095simple, yet so beautiful. This really gives off the freshness of spring for me. The yoke in the front features a scalloped look with gathers around the middle scallop (mine has gathers around all, but this was changed in the final pattern). This adds a certain elegance to the dress. The back is closed with buttons and button loops. Thank goodness no buttonholes! RTC_6083Now my favorite part- it is fully lined!! No exposed seams what-so-ever. Truly gives it the professional look and heirloom quality. Now this doesn’t have to be a simple cotton frock. Just take a look at the photoshoot on the My Little Plumcake blog to see some dressier versions! Now I will forewarn you, there is hand sewing involved. This happens at the last step when you sew down the yoke lining. It isn’t much and does give it that amazing look. Don’t be afraid!! But if you really hate hand sewing, then just topstitch the lining down. Either way, it is still amazing!!


Next you will find the Addie Spring Shorts! Bubble shorts seem to be all the rage this season! I love these as they can get as dressy or as casual RTC_6991as you’d like. Versatility is a must in my favorite patterns! These come in sizes 6mo-10 and feature pockets, paper bag waistline, pleats, optional leg bands (to give the bubble look) and optional belt. With baby girls shorts I decided to do every option and am very happy with the results! Seriously, who doesn’t like that cute little tush in those cute bubble shorts? I will be making plenty more of these- however without the leg band too for a non-bubble look. Another forewarning: if you do the leg band option, yes you guessed it, more hand RTC_7028sewing. Again, you can always topstitch though! Even though I’m not a huge fan of hand sewing, I love that Michelle incorporates this into her patterns. Really challenges me to get back to the basics of sewing and makes the garment extra special, at least for me anyways!


Don’t forget about the other two wonderful spring patterns! The Chloe Pleated Skirt and The Harper Blouse both come in sizes 12mo-10 and are equally perfect for spring! Right now there is a sale going on too! You can get 15% off the individual patterns with coupon code: Spring14 or to get the most bang for your buck, you can purchase all four spring patterns in a bundle pack for only $21 with the coupon code Collection2014!! Codes are only good till 3/31 so shop now!! You don’t want to miss out on these. Don’t forget to show off your creations in the pattern group on Facebook too! Yay for spring, seriously it’s time!!!


Thank you!!

A big THANK YOU to all my readers that voted for me in the Violette Field Threads contest!  With all the votes that came in I managed to come in third place!!!  Very excited about this!!  Couldn’t have done it without you all.  Virtual high fives, cheers, hugs, however you like to celebrate!!!


Say tuned for tomorrow as I am going to review a couple awesome new patterns by My Little Plumcake.  You won’t want to miss it!

Also did you see my new watermark on my pic?  Pretty nifty eh??


Sewing Baby needs your Likes!

You know I love vintage inspired clothes by now right?  RTC_8135Well there is a designer call Violette Field Threads that has the cutest vintage inspired clothes for girls.  What’s the only down side?  They don’t do infant sizes.  Well when they released the Maggie Dress I just had to have it.  Then they decided to do a Maggie styling contestRTC_8142 and I really HAD to have the pattern to participate.  So now was the time to figure out how to down size a pattern.  I started by looking at the other sizes and measuring the differences between the sizes and then used those measurements to measure from the smallest size in to draft the 6mo size Maggie.  Make sense? It does work though.  It took patience, a ruler, and a pencil.  I couldn’t be happier with the final result.  Here is my sewing themed Maggie dress for my baby girl!

RTC_7923  Look at those classic lines!!  This pattern comes in women’s sizes too and it’s a pretty easy sew!  RTC_8088I definitely will be making me one for this summer for sure!


Did I mention too that I made her necklace, headband, and the thread holder behind her too?  Pretty cool, eh? Now I did say this was a contest and I’m a finalist!  At least I think I am.  The post on their main Facebook page is a bit confusing for my overly tired brain, but it looks like I am! Please, please, please, please, please (you get the idea) vote for me!!  Just click HERE and LIKE my photo!!  Thank you for all your support!!! You all are wonderful! RTC_8021

Hats Off to Rocks N Socks!

So this post isn’t sewing related but it’s still very cool, so don’t x-out thatRTC_7914 browser window just yet!  Sometimes I get pretty lucky and am able to get some awesome WAHM (work at home mom) items just for photographing them.  So when Rachel of Rocks n’ Socks was offering some of her hats in exchange for modeled photographs, well how could I say no.  Actually I may have jumped up and down, wilding waving RTC_8422_1my hand in the air while typing…”I can! I can! My kids are cute too!”

You have to check these hats out!!  Rachel’s crochet skills are off the hook!! (<-Did you get it?  Sorry couldn’t resist!)  She can create just about anything from traditional hats to ones that will make you or your kid’s imaginations RTC_6027go wild.  These are great for everyday use, props, costumes, really anytime! My kids love them and so does everyone else when they see them! Not a hat person? Well Rachel can do more than hats too!  Check her out on her Facebook page for lots more photos of her work.RTC_8367_med-res

Now if you visit her Etsy shop you may be disappointed to not see many listings.  Don’t get too down hearted, as all you have to do is message her and she can help you with a custom listing!  But be forewarned; you may not be able to stop at buying just one!


Small Fries!

Paisley Roots
Would you like some small fries? No, I’m not talking about the food! Awhile back I tested an awesome pair of pants called the Small Fry Skinny Jeans by Titchy Threads. Now I have the honor of being on the pattern tour! My first pattern tour! Woohoo!
So let me tell you about these jeans. Not just jeans, mind you, as the pattern comes with shorts length too. And not the short shorts RTC_7122length, but the ever trendy Bermuda length which I prefer. It comes in two size ranges, 0-3mo-3T and 3Y-12Y, which is perfect as my kiddos are all over the place! Now if you look at the pictures before buying the pattern you may be thinking, “There is no way I could make these, looks too complicated.”RTC_7180 Have no fear my friend. The tutorial walks you through step by step so you can achieve any options that are included, such as the flat felled seams, half faux fly (my favorite as my kids don’t seem to like zipping their flies up!), zipper fly, topstitching, inset or patch pockets and adjustable waist. Seriously, when you are done you will look with awe on your jeans. I know I did!! So professionally finished that you will get the “Really?” from others when you tell them you made them! Want to know another great feature that I have yet to see anyone else provide with their patterns? Layers in the PDF pattern! This means that you can select just the size you want to print. No more line confusion!!
Now let me show you the awesome options I chose. At first I was going to make just classic jeans and add a reinforced knee or knee patches. However I am soooo longing for warmer weather that  I figured if I started on the kids’ summer wardrobe then it will come sooner, right? One can hope. Three pairs of shorts it was!
RTC_7139For the oldest I made a size 12 as he is a big 6yr old who just keeps growing despite my wishes for him to stop. I chose the inset pockets with coin pocket, and the topstitched waistband with no elastic. The belt loops are big enough for belts so at his age I don’t really feel he needs the adjustable waist. He was very excited to get these with the red topstitching! It’s his favorite color!
For my middle man a size 4y fit him just perfectly. I also did inset RTC_7133pockets but no coin pocket as I didn’t want to be trying to dig tiny rocks out of it! Yes, he loves collecting them. I did do an adjustable waist on this pair, but no belt loops. I love the ways to make this pattern your own just by adding or omitting options.
RTC_7212Last but not least was the pair for the little princess. Now ever since I got this pattern I have been dying to try it in non-stretchy material. The pattern calls for stretch denim, twill, etc as these need to stretch a bit in order to fit properly as they are skinny jeans. Well I have this very cute pink bicycle fabric that I just was dying to make a pair with, and you guessed it; it has no stretch. Well now was the time to try it. I decided to go up a size in order to give more room and in hopes that she would get more use out of them as she keeps growing. Well it worked! They fit and are so cute. I even added eyelet across the bum because who doesn’t love a ruffle bum? In order to do this though I had to reorder the back construction steps. Very easy to do! I am just in love with these!
So, have I convinced you that you need this pattern yet? Maybe a discount code would? Till the end of the tour you can get 20% off with the code TOUR20. Now, if neither I nor the code convinced you that you have to try this pattern, then I’m sure you will be fully convinced by the end of the tour. I can’t wait to see everyone else’s creations. I always get the best inspiration from others! So click below and enjoy the tour!

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