Sewing Baby needs your Likes!

You know I love vintage inspired clothes by now right?  RTC_8135Well there is a designer call Violette Field Threads that has the cutest vintage inspired clothes for girls.  What’s the only down side?  They don’t do infant sizes.  Well when they released the Maggie Dress I just had to have it.  Then they decided to do a Maggie styling contestRTC_8142 and I really HAD to have the pattern to participate.  So now was the time to figure out how to down size a pattern.  I started by looking at the other sizes and measuring the differences between the sizes and then used those measurements to measure from the smallest size in to draft the 6mo size Maggie.  Make sense? It does work though.  It took patience, a ruler, and a pencil.  I couldn’t be happier with the final result.  Here is my sewing themed Maggie dress for my baby girl!

RTC_7923  Look at those classic lines!!  This pattern comes in women’s sizes too and it’s a pretty easy sew!  RTC_8088I definitely will be making me one for this summer for sure!


Did I mention too that I made her necklace, headband, and the thread holder behind her too?  Pretty cool, eh? Now I did say this was a contest and I’m a finalist!  At least I think I am.  The post on their main Facebook page is a bit confusing for my overly tired brain, but it looks like I am! Please, please, please, please, please (you get the idea) vote for me!!  Just click HERE and LIKE my photo!!  Thank you for all your support!!! You all are wonderful! RTC_8021

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