A little something for me…


Time for a little selfish…em, I mean self care sewing!! Yes, these photos are really of me. Now I don’t usually sew for myself. Why? Well more fabric needed, more time cutting, more of everything really. However on occasion I see a pattern that I just have to sew for myself. So when this testing opportunity popped up I just crossed my fingers that I would be picked as I really wanted this one for me!! Now this pattern was released in a girl’s version a bit ago. I will pretend to hide my sadness that it didn’t come in baby sizes. I fell in love with it then as it was just amazing and look sooo comfy! Are you dying to know what it is yet?  Can you guess by the photo? Alright, alright, I will tell you!


The Ladies Trendy Tunic by Love Notions is releasing Monday! I just love the styling on this top. RTC_1325It is made using knits and comes in sizes XS-XXL. It features cute cap sleeves and even pockets!!! I just love the contrasting front and back. Very flattering I must say. You can even add a little flutter ruffle to your pockets.RTC_1368 RTC_1432Of course I had to because, well, why not?!! After I sewed this up (pretty quickly too) I showed it offRTC_1462 to my mom. She immediately tried it on and tried to steal it on me, before I even took photos!! Good thing we aren’t exactly the same size otherwise I would have been out a shirt! Oh, did I mention Tami also includes instructions if you want to make this a dress. I think I will be trying that soon!


Just as an aside my 6yr old took these photos for me! I think I have a budding little photographer on my hands!



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