Touring the Ansley Top and Dress by Blaverry!!

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Lots of fun things happening this week! It’s doing to be a busy one. First thing on the agenda is the Ansley Top and Dress Tour for Blaverry Patterns! This is the very first pattern I have ever done by Blaverry. I just love the style of this top/dress. Before I go into exactly why, let’s first take a look at the nitty gritty of the pattern.


The Ansley Top and Dress is a loose fitting, flowing, yet classic design. It comes in sizes 9mo-14yrs. What’s one of the best features? Well, the options of course! I think I counted like 15 different options to choose from. These options include collar type or no collar, different sleeve lengths including a 3/4 sleeve with or without a cuff, different hem options, and different top or dress options. Yes it is packed full! Other great features include a fully illustrated tutorial and layered sizing so you can print only the size you need. Yes, options are amazing!




Ready to hear exactly why I love this style? The silhouette. I love hi-lo tops, so the fact that this pattern included that option gave this girl a dreamy sigh. I just love the way it billows behind. RTC_6167For baby girls top I made a size 18mo. You should definitely go by measurements on this pattern. My girl typically wears a 9-12mo or 12mo size in most patterns however this pattern put her in a size 18mo as her chest size was a tad bigger than the chest measurement for 12mo. Because the pattern is roomy I could have gotten away with the 12mo but the 18mo certainly will last the winter. Since it is now colder here in New England the 3/4 sleeves where perfect along with the cuffs. My cuffs didn’t fit perfectly onto my sleeve. They didn’t go all the way around the sleeve and meet perfectly (there was about a 1.5cm gap) so I put a little pleat in the end so they met. RTC_6055Not a big deal, I think it just looks nicer that way. Now are you wondering about the band around the hem? That was my add on. I don’t know about the dress versions, but with the hi- lo version the shirt front is short. There was no access for a basic hem and I prefer no belly shirts, so my solution was a band around the hem. Now add one big button and you have the final touch to this shirt!




The end result is beautiful. I know I will definitely be making more and can’t wait to try the dress version too. I would rate this an advanced beginner to intermediate pattern as you have a placket and collar to sew. Don’t let that intimidate you too much though, as you have those options! You can make it without the collar if you’d like.





Ready to get your own copy? There is a special sale going on for the tour! Head on over to the Etsy shop and use coupon code ILOVEBLAVERRY10 for 10% off. Don’t forget to check out the other patterns as well. There are so many that are now on my list to buy!


Don’t forget to check out the other stops on the tour!!

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7 thoughts on “Touring the Ansley Top and Dress by Blaverry!!

  1. Thank you for the great blog Rebekah. I am so glad you like the pattern. I look forward to seeing what else you can create with the pattern. I had another blogger do the math and it comes out to over 200 unique designs that can be made from this one pattern. That’s a lot of clothing for our little princesses for sure! LOL.

    Thanks again for participating in my first ever blog tour.

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