Let the Introduction Begin!

So where to start?  How about with a big THANK YOU for stopping by my humble and very new blog?  What is this blog, out of the many many blogs, about you ask?  Well that is a good question!  About 5 months ago I started testing patterns.  Sewing patterns that is, to be more specific PDF sewing patterns.  Do you know how many amazing designers there out in the PDF pattern world?  Lots!  And I have had the pleasure and honor to test for a dozen of them!!  But we will get to those patterns later, and trust me you won’t want to miss that!  When testing these patterns, one of the many questions I usually get asked is, “Do you have a blog?”  The answer is always, “no”.  Well after being asked fifty million times and almost everyone suggesting to get one, I finally caved.  So here we are today.  My blog about testing PDF patterns!  Oh did I mention that I always photograph the outcomes of said patterns?  Yes there will be photography as well, mostly of my 3 kiddos modeling.  So fair warning, if you don’t like seeing three cute kids in awesome clothing strutting their stuff in front of the camera lens…then this is not the blog for you!  But if you can’t get enough of all of that like me, then welcome!!!

So I’m sure you want to know a little about the person behind the blog, camera, and sewing machine.  As you may have guessed my name is Rebekah.  I have been sewing since I was little.  I first learned on an old machine, the ones with the exposed belts, at the Boys and Girls Club of America.  I think the first things I ever sewed were a book cover and skirt. Sadly I don’t have these items anymore as I would love to see where it all began.  I didn’t really start sewing, like all the time sewing, till I was an adult though.  And the testing, well that started after baby girl was born!  And that was also when I discovered so many amazing PDF patterns, honestly didn’t really know about the world of PDFs until then!

Now if you remember, this blog is not only about sewing but is about photography as well (although there may be a smidge more of sewing).  My first real camera, and by real I mean SLR camera, was a film Pentax camera.  I had to buy one for a photography class in high school.  However my love soon turned to Nikon cameras after I bought a Nikon aperture priority camera from a tag sale.  I seriously loved that camera!!  I became a Nikon lover since then.  I did try a Canon at one point and well, let’s just say I now shoot with a Nikon again.  Sorry Canon lovers!  Anyways at one point I was going to be a photographer and even was an apprentice to a professional photographer.  However I found marketing too expensive so decided not to go down that career path.  So now I just do it for fun.

Which brings me to my current career, and really the career I absolutely love!  I went into Nursing. I am proud to say that in May I finally graduated Nursing school!!!  I am currently working per diem at my local hospital!  It’s just amazing the joy that finding the right career can bring.

Now for my full time job…motherhood.  I am a single mom to three beautiful children ranging in ages from 5months-6yrs.  They are the joy of my life!  Life can get crazy though and not to mention full of surprises.  So be patient with me and don’t plan on seeing a post everyday.  I am going to commit to at least once a week.  More if possible, but as they say, “Life happens while you plan.”  So we will just go with the flow of life!

Wow I have written a TON!  I was worried about not having anything to say, and yet I can find myself going on and on.  Well I think that is enough for one night.  There will be plenty of time to continue to discover just how this blog will unfold.  I will leave you with these images though!  Here are my three kids and one of all of us.  Enjoy!



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