Go Team E!!

How many of you sew for more than one child??  How many want to?  As you know I have three kids.  My big 6yr old is a size 10/12, the 4yr old a size 4, and then the baby.  Finding one pattern that has all the size ranges to make coordinating clothes for all is pretty tough.  Might I add too, that it is even tougher to find one that works for both boys and girls?  Well guess what?!  There is a great pattern that was just released on Monday that would work for your team.  Have I left you in suspense long enough?  Or did you cheat and scroll down to take a look at the pics??


Yes as part of the Aspiring Designers challenge on Pattern Revolution Dandelions n’ Dungarees RTC_5361released their Old Tyme Baseball Shirt.  Just as the name implies this gives the classic lines and look of the baseball jerseys we all know and love!  You know how I am such a sucker for the classics, and easy sews are right up my alley as well.  I made all three of my shirts in one night!

RTC_5520This shirt is designed to be loose fitting so there are no play restrictions at all.  Layering for those colder days is also a breeze!  ThereRTC_5400 is piping around the front placket and cuffs for that professional baseball flair too.  RTC_5614Now this shirt is button up.  If you are like be you may dread the time to sew button holes and then attaching umpteen buttons to the shirt. Well don’t worry, it’s not mandatory.  Use snaps!!!  I have a whole bunch of vintage metal snaps that were passed onto me from my grandma.  I was unsure if they would still look good on the shirt but figured I’d give it a try.  I am sure glad I did!  The metal snaps were just perfect and still gave it the classic look!  So go check out Dandelions n’ Dungarees on Facebook or their blog!  Then go get your pattern in your desired size: NB-18months, 2T-7, or 8-16.   But just as a warning, you may have “Take me out to RTC_5644the ball game…” stuck in your head for days after making these.  I know I did!

Oh did I mention that these are fun to embellish however you choose?  Go Team E!!!!!


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