Brassie + Boy= Cuteness Overload!

So who wants to hear about a wonderful pattern that was just released today??  I had the chance to test the new Brassie Pants by Greenstyle Creations.  If you haven’t heard of Greenstyle Creations, please come out from under your rock and step into the light of fashion.  These patterns feature comfort without sacrificing style.  Great part though you wonder?  There are patterns for the whole family: Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s! I have only made the kids patterns, but I am dying to try some of the women’s.  Hopefully soon!  I digress though.  Let’s get back to the Brassie Pants shall we?


This pattern features capri or shorts length and comes in sizes 18months to 14years, so it’s one RTC_6744you can certainly keep using for awhile.RTC_6736   At first glance they look only to be for girls as there is an optional waist sash that you can tie.  However looks can be deceiving my friends!  It is not mandatory to add the sash, thus making these just as cute on boys too.  I am proud to say that my little man now has an Easter outfit.  These pants make me think of days gone by, you know that vintage feel.  I just love vintage inspired clothes.  You can certainly stick with the classic look or spice it with some fun fabric that best shows your personality.  The waistband and leg cuffs have to be made of knit, but the main body can be woven or knit, so skies the limit there!  I made my pair with a green knit waistband and leg cuffs.  For the body I used a patchwork blue plaid woven that I have been hoarding for quite some time.   Almost didn’t cut into it for this project, but I just knew that these would look amazing in it.  And they sure did!

RTC_6704Oh almost forgot the best part, at least for me anyways.  I know I am always super busy with too much on my plate (yeah I sometimes think I’m Superwoman or something) and never have as much time as I would like to sew.  Instant gratification here though!!  I assembled the pattern, cut the fabric, and sewed these up all in fewer than two hours.  These would take even less time but I had two boys that needed a talking toRTC_6728 and I had to get a shower in before the baby woke up.  Needless to say that was all accomplished.  Don’t you just love when you feel like you got so much done just in a couple hours?

Anyways check out this awesome pattern and all the other Greenstyle patterns while you are there.  You won’t be disappointed as the style factor is though the roof.  If you pop on over to Greenstyle’s Facebook page, you will find a discount code for the Brassie pants too!


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