3months is Sweet with Sewing Mama Raeanna!


3 months here we come! How time is flying by. A lot is happening as the holidays are nearing! Don’t you just love how everything gets crazier near the holidays? This month we are celebrating with Sewing Mama Raeanna and the Cupcake Top. It is as sweet as the name too! Let’s find out how my little sweetie is doing first.


Ruthie is a growing girl! She now weighs 10lbs and is 23inches long! Yes, I had my weight and length wrong in the 2mo post, but it is fixed now! She is eating around 3-4oz every 2-3hrs. She gets up once or twice during the night to eat and usually wakes up in the morning with a smile on her face!  She loves eating her hands and sometimes gags herself doing it. Silly girl! She also loves standing on everyone’s lap if they are holding her and they always comment on how strong her legs are!! She got to celebrate her first Thanksgiving too! This mama had a lot to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving!!


Now it’s time for a cupcake! No not the food, although I’d eat one if I had one. Here is the Cupcake Top. Raeanna does a great job making this top and tutorial. I just love that this sweet top can be made to look girly or boyish. It ranges in sizes 3-6mo to size 6. This knit top is made to be slim fitting with a kangaroo pocket. You can leave the pocket off, but what kid doesn’t like a pocket?RTC_3097 For girls just add ruffles to the pocket, sleeves, and hemline to really girliefy it! Now the pattern calls for all knit but I had a little fun getting ready for Christmas and used some Christmas woven for my pocket and ruffles. My vision worked and Ruth had fun getting ready for Christmas!




Now if you are impatient to make one for the coming fall, hop on over and buy a copy now. Otherwise don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win The Cupcake Top along with 11 other PDF Patterns!


Don’t forget to come back tomorrow too to check out the 4mo post!

8/19: 1mo Ladybug Bend’s Sassy Schoolgirl Top

8/20: 2mo Terra’s Treasures Monkey Pants

8/21: 3mo Sewing Mama Raeanna’s Cupcake Top

8/22: 4mo Titchy Threads Small Fry Skinny Jeans

8/23: 5mo Everything Your Mama Made Riley’s Nightgown and sleepshirt

8/24: 6mo Little Kiwi’s Closet Bella’s Bolero

8/25: 7mo Aila and Frankie’s Honeyflower Dress and Tunic

8/26: 8mo FooFoo Thread’s Lucky Penny Girl’s Knit ruffle Top

8/27: 9mo MuffinHead Pattern’s Sammy Jacket

8/28: 10mo Jennuine Design’s LOL Swing Top

8/29: 11mo Whimsy Couture’s Tulle Ruffle Dress

8/30: 1year! Fairytale Pattern Design’s Arianna Dress



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