4months with Titchy Threads!


4months old! That’s a third way through the year. Time really does go by fast. We are lucky enough to celebrate with Laura from Titchy Threads today too! Let’s take a look at the Small Fry Skinny Jeans. I just love these little jeans on all my kids. Let’s take a look at the pair I tested for Ruth. But you know the drill; let’s see little miss has been up to first though!


She is now in 3-6mo clothes as she is 11lbs and 24inches long. Still loves standing when someone is holding her. She got to help decorate the Christmas tree and even met Santa! Also she was discharged from her Cardiologist!! Yay! (She was born with a little hole between her ventricles and atriums. Quite common and she never had symptoms except a murmur.)


Are you ready for the jeans? SmallFry_07This was the first time I ever looked at something I made and said to myself, “Wow, I made that?” Even my mom asked me that too! Yes it was that awesome. Who knew it would be a pair of jeans that would give me that sense of accomplishment? But it did! The Small Fry Skinny Jeans have all the looks that store bought jeans have: topstitching, pockets, enclosed seams, etc. Laura did such a great job in the tutorial that all these elements, plus others, seem so easy. SmallFry_08This pattern comes in two size ranges: 0-3mo-3T and 3Y-12Y. They also can be bought together. There are so many features with this pattern too. You ready for them all?? It includes faux half fly, full zipper fly, inset pockets, patch pockets, coin pocket, adjustable waist, two waistband options, instructions for reversing fly for girls, full pant length, and shorts length. Like I said it’s pretty awesome.



Psst…the Kimono shirt shown here is also a Titchy Threads shirt.  It only comes in a 0-3months but its free!!  Get it here!


Now it’s time to enter the giveaway to get your own copy if you haven’t already. Just follow this link to a Rafflecopter giveaway!!
 You can also purchase the pattern here if you need it now. I’m thinking…back to school!


Tomorrow we look at month 5! So come back then!

8/19: 1mo Ladybug Bend’s Sassy Schoolgirl Top

8/20: 2mo Terra’s Treasures Monkey Pants

8/21: 3mo Sewing Mama Raeanna’s Cupcake Top

8/22: 4mo Titchy Threads Small Fry Skinny Jeans

8/23: 5mo Everything Your Mama Made Riley’s Nightgown and sleepshirt

8/24: 6mo Little Kiwi’s Closet Bella’s Bolero

8/25: 7mo Aila and Frankie’s Honeyflower Dress and Tunic

8/26: 8mo FooFoo Thread’s Lucky Penny Girl’s Knit ruffle Top

8/27: 9mo MuffinHead Pattern’s Sammy Jacket

8/28: 10mo Jennuine Design’s LOL Swing Top

8/29: 11mo Whimsy Couture’s Tulle Ruffle Dress

8/30: 1year! Fairytale Pattern Design’s Arianna Dress


6 thoughts on “4months with Titchy Threads!

  1. This was such a cute idea for a series. Having all those photos must bring back so many memories too. Thanks for including the skinny jeans in the birthday bash.

  2. Hi Rebekah! This whole series is so much fun – I’ve been following every day. Happy birthday to little Ruth.

    I love the jeans you made with Titchy Threads pattern. I’ve wanted to make them since the original release, but still haven’t bought the pattern (so it’d be great to win your bundle giveaway!). It would be so versatile for all my kids.

    I’m so impressed you’ve been able to do so much sewing during your little girl’s first year – and with having your little men around, too. You give me hope that all my sewing time won’t disappear when our fifth arrives late this fall!

    • Thank you! The Titchy Threads pattern is a must! If you don’t win it, it is also in the Perfect Pattern Parcel right now. Here’s the link: http://goo.gl/6lNE6F
      Finding time to sew I will admit is a little harder, but you can do it! Naps and bedtime are mommy time! Congrats on your fifth too!! Sew exciting!

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