6months in style with Little Kiwis Closet!


Half way through the year now!! Yes, that is 6months for those that aren’t quite awake to do the math yet. We have Little Kiwi’s Closet to help us celebrate today!! Ruth and I have tested many times for Little Kiwi; in fact we are testing another pattern right now. Lydia never disappoints with her patterns!


Ruth just keeps on growing and is getting stronger and stronger. She can now sit by herself! This makes her photo shoots a bit easier too. You may have noticed the appearance of earrings as she got her ears pierced. Do you notice the drool in some of the pics? She is teething but still has that gummy bear smile! Ruth still loves her bottles but is eating some foods now too. Her favorite is steamed carrots. She just loves her brothers and they can make her giggle all the time. She is just one happy baby!!


The pattern that Ruth got to test with me this month is one that you can use all year round.RTC_7808 It also has tons of options. Can you guess which one it is from Little Kiwi‘s Closet? It’s Bella’s Bolero! This great pattern comes in sizes NB-12yrs. You can create many different looks as it includes 3 Views – curved no ties, inward curve with ties and a ballet wrap and 3 Sleeve options (puff, long and 3/4). The one on Ruth is the curved with no ties and 3/4 sleeve. Isn’t it just darling? Best part yet is this is a fast sew!!! I love instant gratification!



To buy this you can head on over here. But don’t forget you have a chance to win this pattern plus 11 other patterns if you enter a Rafflecopter giveaway. That’s right just click on that link and you can start getting your entries in!


Have you been enjoying the tour so far? Make sure you come back tomorrow for 7months!

8/19: 1mo Ladybug Bend’s Sassy Schoolgirl Top

8/20: 2mo Terra’s Treasures Monkey Pants

8/21: 3mo Sewing Mama Raeanna’s Cupcake Top

8/22: 4mo Titchy Threads Small Fry Skinny Jeans

8/23: 5mo Everything Your Mama Made Riley’s Nightgown and sleepshirt

8/24: 6mo Little Kiwi’s Closet Bella’s Bolero

8/25: 7mo Aila and Frankie’s Honeyflower Dress and Tunic

8/26: 8mo FooFoo Thread’s Lucky Penny Girl’s Knit ruffle Top

8/27: 9mo MuffinHead Pattern’s Sammy Jacket

8/28: 10mo Jennuine Design’s LOL Swing Top

8/29: 11mo Whimsy Couture’s Tulle Ruffle Dress

8/30: 1year! Fairytale Pattern Design’s Arianna Dress


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