Sailing Away with Perfect Pattern Parcel #4!

Pattern Parcel #4Ready for more boy sewing?? It’s time for the Perfect Pattern Parcel #4 and it’s for the boys! Don’t worry, girls will enjoy it too. I must say I am very excited to be a part of this tour especially because in the parcel there was a non clothing option for the boys! First a little about the Perfect Pattern Parcel though.


Did you know that part of the sales goes into helping educational equality? Yup that’s right. All profits after the costs of the sale go directly into charity. So not only do you get to pick your own price for all the patterns (as low as $15 for all 5 patterns or spend $26 and get a bonus pattern!) but you are helping a worthy cause. If that isn’t enough reason to buy more amazing patterns than I don’t know what is!!



Now for my tour date I decided to sew up the Jet Pack Bag by Betz White. I wanted to sew more than just clothes as I am stuck in my very well padded comfort zone. So in order to do that I needed to sew something I don’t normally do: bags, and sew something I don’t really like: zippers. Besides one little man was much bummed as he was going to use a hand-me-down backpack for Pre-K and he really wanted a new one instead! Well mama to the rescue. He was extremely happy with the results and even hugged the backpack! But I digress. I am sure you want to hear more about the actual backpack don’t you?



It is a good size without being overly big.RTC_1718 The dimensions are 12″W x 14″H x 3″D. This is designed to use medium weight wovens; I used home decor fabric on mine. I really like the vertical format which gives it enough room for folders, notebooks, and a binder or two. There are two pockets on the inside and two on the outside as well. The best feature though is the fact that it can convert from a back pack to a shoulder/messenger bag with just a couple clicks of the swivel hooks! RTC_1756This is rated an intermediate pattern mainly because of all the pieces and that you have to fuse either interfacing or fusible fleece to every pattern piece. There is also some hand sewing in this pattern but there is a reference in the beginning on how to do the different hand stitches. Great right?!


I will admit I am a HUGE procrastinator. Because of this fact I had to get a little creative with my bag.RTC_1729 I waited till the last minute to buy all the hardware I needed for the bag. Laughing yet? Well, it may come to no surprise to many of you that Joann’s didn’t carry everything I needed. So instead of swivel hooks I used D rings and carabiners or what I call parachute hooks. Then I also had to repurpose a bar slide off an old bag that I found at Goodwill. Lesson learned: order ahead. Now the tutorial is fairly easy to understand. It is different from the tutorials I am used to in that not every step had a diagram. I found this to still be fine though as there was always a diagram when I needed it.RTC_1738 I did have an issue when attaching my lining around my zipper onto the main bag, but this was more the user and not the pattern. This is because you have to use a ladder stitch to do this. Perhaps it was just too late at night and my brain turned off but I couldn’t for the life of me get my stitches right. So instead I used some fusible tape and fused by zipper lining to the zipper instead. RTC_1658Be careful if using a plastic zipper though. Yes I melted mine a little. Fortunately it didn’t hurt the functionality of the zipper. Phew! The only change I made to the pattern was I used Velcro to close the front pocket flap instead of hardware. I figured this would be easier for my little man! Worked like a charm and I even added a decorative vintage button to the flap! Isn’t it divine??

(Shhh…You found it!!)


Halloween Hack Scavenger Hunt!



Want to get your own now? Head on over and get your parcel! You really can’t go wrong with any of the patterns. I am so looking forward to sewing up more items with the other patterns. And I know you will love it as much as I do!!




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